DR Ka-On Lam


MBBS (H.K.), FRCR (U.K.), FHKCR, FHKAM (Radiology)
Clinical Assistant Professor

E-mail: lamkaon@hku.hk



Dr. Ka-On Lam is currently Clinical Assistant Professor of the Department of Clinical Oncology, The University of Hong Kong. He graduated from The University of Hong Kong in 2005 and joined the Department of Clinical Oncology in Tuen Mun Hospital in 2006. He was awarded the Frank Doyle Medal and the Rohan Williams Medal for his outstanding performance in the fellowship examination of The Royal College of Radiologists. He joined the Department of Clinical Oncology, LKS Faculty of Medicine HKU in 2011. He was awarded the University of Hong Kong Overseas Fellowship in 2013 which funded his elective with Prof. David Cunningham and Dr. Ian Chau in the GI unit of the Royal Marsden, UK.

Dr. Lam is actively involved in teaching of medical students and nurses. His research interests include gastroesophageal and colorectal cancer. He published in peer-review journals and has presented in various local and international cancer conferences. He is now working on various clinical trials including intraperitoneal chemotherapy for metastatic gastric cancer and the evaluation of predictive and prognostic markers for preoperative chemo-irradiation in rectal cancer. Pattern of failure and radiation induced toxicity in chemoradiation for esophageal and rectal cancer are his other areas of interest.


Research Interest:

My research interests include gastrointestinal and nasopharyngeal cancers with special focus on novel treatment strategies and molecular basis of cancer. I am now working on various prospective projects including intraperitoneal chemotherapy for metastatic gastric cancer and the evaluation of predictive and prognostic markers for preoperative chemoirradiation in rectal cancer.


Selected Publications:

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  • Yeo W, Lam KO, Law AL, Lee CC, Chiang CL, Au KH, Mo FK, So TH, Lam KC, Ng WT, Li L. Adjuvant S-1 chemotherapy after curative resection of gastric cancer in Chinese patients: assessment of treatment tolerability and associatied risk factors. Hong Kong Med J. 2016 Dec 14. DOI:10.12809/hkmj164885.

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  • Lam KO, Lee AW, Ng WT, Hopkins KI. The International Atomic Energy Agency global initiatives on nasopharyngeal cancer treatment. Chin Clin Oncol. 2016 Apr;5(2):27. DOI:10.21037/cco.2016.03.02.