The Laboratory of Cancer Genetics

The Laboratory of Cancer Genetics (LCG), one of the basic research laboratories in the Department of Clinical Oncology, was established in 1999.  The vision and mission of LCG is to explore the molecular mechanisms involving in the development and progression of cancers, especially the genetic and epigenetic alterations in liver, esophageal and nasopharyngeal cancers.   During the last 18 years, our major scientific contributions include: (1) identified and characterized many important cancer-related genes, such as EIF-5A2, CHD1L, SEI-1 and SPOCK1 in liver and esophageal cancers; (2) discovered several cancer stem cell-related markers (CD133 and CD90) and genes (ATOH8, MAEL and Integrin a7) in liver and esophageal cancer; (3) discovered the role of RNA editing in cancer development and progression.  Our research work has been supported by the Hong Kong Government (RGC GRF, RGC CRF, RGC TBRS, ITF, NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme, HMRF, UGC AoE), Collaborative Research Fund from industry (New B Innovation, Pfizer, CytoTrend), and private donations (Leung Kwok Tze Research Fund, Professor Jonathan Sham Research Fund).